NEURALINK: The Future Awaits

We all are familiar with Tesla, the company manufacturing electrical vehicles and SpaceX , the futuristic company which designs, manufactures spacecrafts. Elon Reeve Musk , is founder and CEO of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX. He has launched various startups like solarCity, Starlink,Zip2, Hyperloop and many more. Recently, he has launched a startup named as , NEURALINK, a American neurotechnology company which develops implantable brain machine interfaces (BMI). The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco. At present, Neuralink is in its growing stages and we are looking forward for its various inventions.


NEURALINK, aims at creating a Brain machine interfaces which involves a system that connects brain with the external technology. You all are quite friendly with ” Ok Google ” and ” Alexa “which works on our voice commands. On contrary, Neuralink will work on the command which you can give through your brain. Quite amazing !!!!!. Don’t you think ?We can control all our machines using our brain like you all have seen in the movie ” The Matrix”.


As we all know, our brain sends information to different parts of our body through neurons, branched – shaped like structure. So this device will convert that information send by brain into electrical signals that can be easily interpreted by the machines . The neurons in your brain forms a huge network and connects each part of your body, to communicate through chemical signals known as neurotransmitter. The reactions done by our brain generates an electrical field which is recorded by the electrodes. This device is in the form of a small chip roughly sized as 23mm in diameter. It has more than 3000 electrodes which are connected through wires, which are thinner than hair strands. These wires are capable of tracking the activities of 1000 brain cells(unbelievable!!). The main component of the device is electrode which converts electrical signals into an algorithm that a machine can read.

Neuralink Chip structure
The size of Neuralink chip as compared to finger size


The installation of this device will be done in our cortex. Being a complicated procedure, the insertion of Neuralink in human’s brain requires a skilled hands. Therefore, surgery will be done with the help of specialized robot hand. The company has assured of doing the operation under the guidance of health ministries of America to ensure the safety of their patients. The robots are particularly designed by the company to plant the chip without causing any damage to the brain and blood vessels. Neuralink ‘s engineers designed the robots with woke studios industrial engineers. The Neuralink robot will insert the chip having multiple wire housing electrodes surgically. These wires are thinner than the strand of hair. “The procedure for installation will took at least 2 hours according to the company ‘s CEO – Elon Musk “.

Working of brain machine interfaces that are used in Neuralink


The company ‘s main agenda for creating this device is to counter many health related problems which particularly involves physical impairment . Elon musk said in an interview that Neuralink could be of great help for the people who are paraplegics and it might also be used for treating epilepsy . He further added that the device will help in treating memory loss , weak eyesight , deafness ,paralysis, mental illness and limb action.. With reference to the future needs , this device can also help in strengthening military powers. Thus, DARPA is also investing tens of millions of dollars in developing a brain computer interface for use by soldiers. And subsequently this is where technologies can affect us humans and things can go really wrong. As every coin has two sides.


In short, the challenges that Neuralink has to overcome are as follows, firstly , very few people on earth have undergone complex skull surgeries so the probability for the people to trust on this installation would be less. As it is extremely dangerous and invasive to operate on human brain. Secondly, not having enough knowledge about how the neurons works inside human brain. Thirdly, the company has to make the installation and removal process of this device simpler. There are also some concerns related to hackers who might try to steal our data directly from our brains.

As of now, this technology has not yet been tested on humans. The first live testing was done on a pig named Gertrude, on 29th august which was having this coin sized chip in its brain for two months. Presently , Neuralink is still pending one of its important permits from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. There are many questions arising in the mind of our readers. These questions will become clear as we approach towards commercial launch of this device.

” Having such a futuristic device in our generation could be of great help. Really looking forward to the evolution of this device . As it can connect the human world with the artificial intelligence world . A VERY WELL COLLABORATION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE WITH DIGITAL SCIENCE AND AI.”

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