A California origin company NDB( Nano Diamond Battery) innovated a self- charging battery by trapping carbon-14 in an artificial diamond case. The company claims the battery to run for 28,000 years by a single charge.

According to NBD, this battery can be used as a great substitute instead of non-renewable natural resources in industrial and economic sector. The US- based company says that the battery has various applications in commercial sectors like in electric vehicles, cameras, health devices, mobile phones etc. NDB claims it to be totally safe to use. As it is inside a hard and radioactive leak proof diamond case.


You all must be in a dilemma about how this battery is so efficient? (me too!!!) So, the answer to this question is nuclear wastes. The radioactive wastes generated as by- products of nuclear plants all around the world are used for this battery. The C-14 along with radioactive wastes are very difficult to dispose of. But, they can be used for generating power in the form of Nano diamond batteries.

The magic behind this long life of batteries is achieved by processing graphite nuclear waste into simpler form. Then converting it into micro diamonds. The radioactive waste surrounded by diamond started to decay and together with C-14 producing electric current. This regeneration of power will keep the battery full for a long time. The testing’s are already done at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and outcomes are very well satisfying. Nano diamond batteries provide 40% charge, which is a big improvement over the 15% charge efficiency. You all can check the following video for more knowledge for generating charge through Nano diamond battery:



  1. AUTOMOBILE: NDB can be use to boost the electric vehicle revolution. Thus, giving a strong foundation in terms of longer life and efficiency. This can bring a huge change by changing primary bottleneck in EV vehicles.
  2. AEOROSCPACE: As the world is moving toward electrical based spacecrafts, there’s an increasing demand on the improvement of battery systems. But this is lagging due to safety and efficiency concerns. Satellites and space vehicles works on solar energy which will hinder due to hash space environment. This can be overcome by using Nano batteries in spacecrafts and launchers.
  3. ELECTRONICS: NDB can work as a mini power generator in mobile phone and laptops. Thus, eliminating the need of constant charging. It can also add as a solution to decline in the sales of electrical appliances.
  4. MEDICAL: These batteries can used in number of medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemaker. The device becomes long lasting with continuous power supply.
  5. INDUSTRIAL: The industries which are located in remote locations requires energy supply for the various processes which can be done by using Nano diamond batteries.
  6. DEFENSE: Defense machineries and surveillance systems can be benefited from this futuristic method of power supply.


  • Long life battery until the life of the device
  • High power
  • Tiny and compact device
  • Cost effective
  • Uses disposable waste products
  • Uninterrupted device usage
  • Higher working power
  • Possibility of a new generation smartphones
  • Used in electric cars to provide uninterrupted driving, higher mileage and sustainable form of energy
  • Power generating system in remote locations
  • Can work as mini power generator for number of electrical appliances


NBD claimed at inventing a battery technology that uses nuclear radioactive materials to produce electrons continuously. Thus, giving continuous power supply. According to news reports, the company has not yet invented the battery they describe in their report. The process is under working condition. The challenges are: –

  1. No battery is 100% efficient due to law of conservation of energy. The heat generated during energy conversion is not discussed, how it will be treated.
  2. While providing electric energy, the battery system will get heated so how the system will be cool down remains a question.
  3. The challenge is to maintain a balance between power generation and heat management without affecting the battery.
  4. Generation of new battery which provides energy for years is quite great but for such batteries new devices should exist to support it.

As we all know everything has two sides, one positive and one negative. It’s not that we are against the idea of making a battery that produces energy for years. But once the model of this system is designed than the company owns a solid proof on standing on its idea. At first, we does not consider landing of spacecraft vertically on the land. But we are prove wrong by SpaceX’s FalconX which achieved it. SO what we see is to believe!!!!!!.

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